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EBA oxford european quality awardThe International Award
'European Quality Award'

In recognition of the aspiration to achieve high quality in accordance with European standards

Patent (reg. # 2351135)


The medal for “European Quality Award” is made from precious metals. There is a light-pointed star with a round medallion at the base of the medal. The depiction of a lion is a symbol of power, nobility and grace. Around the circle of the medallion is an inscription saying “Labores Pariunt Honores” − “European Quality”.

An order sign is connected to the medal ribbon and is also framed with a coloured ribbon.

The complete set of the award consists of a medal, a statue and the diploma “Grawerton”. 



The main criteria:

      • implementation of modern quality management system
      • operation, production & marketing efficiency
      • company competitive advantages
      • national, regional and international certificates, leniencies, patents and branch specifications
      • focus on customer and positive customers` opinion
      • competitiveness and quality of goods / services, updating of assortment
      • continuous quality control
      • meeting requirement of the international quality systems
      • active participation national and international quality and standard forums, fairs, exhibitions

Entry is open for the best regional suppliers and producers of high quality goods, services and technologies



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