Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal

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EBA oxford Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal award

The International Award 'Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal'

Recognises organisations and individuals for embodying the principles of corporate social responsibility in their business strategy and operations

Patent (reg. # 2367599)


The medal and pendant of the International Award, named in honour of Queen Victoria, are made from precious metals covered with pure gold of 999.9 standard. At the base of the medal composition there is a salient double-sided cross.

At the centre of the cross is a round medallion depicting the profile of Queen Victoria and her monogram on the other. Around the medallion there is an inscription “Victory is ours”. The whole composition is hung up like a crown and decorated with 70 pieces of Swarowski crystals.

The complete set of the award consists of a medal, a pendant, a badge and the diploma “Grawerton”.



The main criteria:

      • participation in regional and international community programmes and projects
      • support  of charity actions
      • corporate social responsibility award for exemplary success in voluntarily improving the quality of life of the local community and society at large

Entry is open for companies and individuals who take an active part in regional and international social programmes and projects, support charity actions, culture and art events.



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