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The International Socrates Awards



EBA oxford international socrates award

The Socrates Award

In recognition of intellectual development of today's society

Patent (reg. # 2349306)


The medal of the “Socrates Award” is made of precious metals with a Socrates image in profile which is covered with pure gold (999,9 standard) and encrusted with Swarowski crystals. There is an inscription on a medallion “Primus Inter Pares”. The medallion is attached to the medal atlas ribbon.

The complete set of the award consists of the order symbol, a statue and the diploma “Grawerton”. 



It is presented in the following nominations:

      • Government management
      • Education
      • Science and Technology
      • Culture and Art
      • Economics and Business
      • Medicine and Pharmacy


The main award criteria:

      • professional experience and achievements,
      • personality global influence global influence to the social and economic progress
      • high business/scientific reputation,
      • implementation of innovations in different spheres,
      • modern management tools

Entry is open for prominent scientists, artists, businessmen, politics and public figures


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