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Excellence in Quality Conference, 03-04.07.2017, Lucerne, Switzerland


EBA smEurope Business Assembly (EBA)  

Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford, Great Britain is an independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration. It was founded in Oxford, UK in 2000. EBA is an interactive platform for adaptation European economic programs to the  standards of living in dynamically developing regions. It follows in its activity the directives of the European Union and EU programmes “Good-neighborliness” and  “Eastern partnership”.
Informal social institutions EBA are more than 10000 leaders in various spheres of life.  The play important part in the development of Euro-Atlantic integration, transfer of technologies and know-how, democratization of dynamically developing regions.
EBA systematically holds global and specialized forums, conferences, business meetings, efficiently uses other information resources. It forms on this base the world register of efficient leading companies, regions attractive for investments.  

EBA ConferenceEBA Conferences, UK

EBA Conferences is a premium British conference and business network service provider. It was specifically set up with purpose to develop bespoke conference programmes liaise with speakers, sponsors, deal with organization issues and to facilitate communication between conference participants.     

Oxford-2013 partners ICLThe International Club of Leaders (ICL) 

The International Club of Leaders (ICL) is a joint project between the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Europe Business Assembly which brings together like-minded people demonstrating competence, innovation and reliability.   

The Club has its own symbols including its emblem, flag and motto:   If to be – then to be the first!  

Members of the International Club of Leaders are prominent state and public figures, businessmen and scientists from all over the world who have succeeded in various fields of social and business life.   

AU logo

The Academic Union is an international academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, Scientists and Researchers. The committees and the Union as a whole pursue the ideals of Academic Excellence, Innovation and Accessibility and are committed to disseminating these core values through its worldwide community.The primary aim of the Union is to consolidate the efforts of scientists, educators, industrialists, and manufacturers on science, education and business integration and development in the XXIst century.

EMAEuropean Medical Association (EMA)

Created in 1990 by doctors from the 12 member states, the European Medical Association was established as an "international foundation pursuing a scientific aim". It is a unique, independent non-profit organization, which offers every European Community doctor the opportunity to: join a European network of doctors, add a European dimension to their professional and social life, actively influence the development of European Health Care.
EMA is essentially a service organization. EMA does not conflict or interfere with other existing medical associations or professional activities. To improve the quality of healthcare and medical working conditions in the European Community, EMA primarily aims to: improve information, transparency and comparison as well as encourage collaboration and mobility.
EMA's objectives all focus on the same object:

• Improvement of the medical profession in the European context
• To act in order to influence Health policies according to practising doctors' priorities
• To form a forum of doctors working in the European Union's medical community
• To provide its members with information and services that facilitate their professional activity
• To contribute to the improvement of healthcare given to patients by helping its members keep abreast of latest the developments
• To influence the development of health care in Europe by defending its members' opinions


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