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Bucharest Airports National Company recognition

Bucharest Airport

Our cordial congratulations to Romanian foremost air transport sector company ‘Bucharest Airports National Company’ the awardee 2015 and the United Europe Award recipient.

Bucharest Airports National Company represents the main aviation pole of Romania, processing approximately 75% of the passengers, cargo and mail traffic registered at a national level.

Bucharest Airport 04Bucharest Airports National Company, through the two platforms, Otopeni and Baneasa, ensures the conditions for the performance of all the air operations – civil and military – disposing of a substantial development capacity, able to satisfy the air traffic growth forecast, at least until 2030.

Well rooted in the past, but widely opened to the new, Bucharest Airports National Company manages the airports of the Capital, Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport and Bucharest Băneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, which merged in 2010 and process over 70% of the passenger air traffic in Romania.

Bucharest Airport 03Company`s goal is to develop the most modern and efficient regional airports system in the South-Eastern part of Europe, in order to facilitate our country's economical and cultural exchange with all the countries worldwide.
The mission is to ensure a fluent passenger and cargo traffic and to be a trustworthy partner for all our clients - the passengers, the airlines and the handling companies - by promoting the highest standards of the provided services, protecting the environment and maintaining a high level of social responsibility.

Bucharest Airport 01Wisely balanced between tradition and innovation, Bucharest Airports National Company constantly develops its own route to new achievements.

EBA is proud to present Bucharest Airport National Company as a leading industry provider by awarding them the United Europe Award at the Oxford Summit of Leaders on 15 December in Oxford Town Hall. We wish them all the best for a successful business future.