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Hospitality - How to get enlisted in the TOP regional hotels


expert-heinz-wehrle-150Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK, the European investment programme ‘Prime Business Destination’, and the ‘Academic Union Training Centre’ in partnership with global corporation Horwath HTL, Switzerland have jointly developed the specialised professional programme: ‘Hospitality - How to get enlisted in the TOP regional hotels?’
The workshop session ‘Hospitality - How to get enlisted in the TOP regional hotels?’ will be held on April 26, 2016 in the Academic Lounge, Oxford, United Kingdom.

This programme will cover the following issues: development and enhancement of investment and innovative attractiveness of the hospitality project, financing and feasibility assessment tools, and hospitality project brand marketing & promotion techniques, European certification & procedures, European practical industry experience and professional secrets disclosure and success stories sharing.
Our agenda includes: investment presentation panel and workshop session dedicated to: ‘Effective Investment and Financial Solutions in Hospitality’. Our guest star, the globally renowned speaker and bespoke hospitality sector expert Dr. Heinz Wehrle (Managing Partner of U, &‘Prime Business Destinations’ programme panelist).