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Dr. Nilayni, CEO & Founder

Blu Skin & Cosmetology Clinic is established in 2009 in India, with a prime focus and vision to excel in Skin, Hair and Cosmetology industry. Considered as one of the best skin and cosmetology clinics in India, Blu takes pride in achieving more than 11 various National and International so far. Serving more than 100,000 clients till date, Blu provides advanced skin and hair and body treatments, non surgical slimming treatments, Laser treatments, Anti ageing treatments etc and caters to all issues related to Skin, Hair and Body.

The mission is to excel in skin care, hair & body treatments and to maintain an unwavering commitment towards imparting knowledge and assistance to all clients and society regarding the treatments and techniques. Clinic targets to achieve own vision by adhering to strict principles, high ethics, international standard quality treatments, and yet maintaining the prices that are affordable by all sectors.

Hyderabad India, being a prime destination for medical and international tourism for people from the Middle East, Africa, Third world countries and other parts of the world, there is a huge potential that this industry will grow even more. Due to the rapidly growing international market in the beauty industry, potential development in the future too is highly anticipated. As a result, we now have a strong clientele from the Americas, Middle East, African and other countries. The company witnesses 20-35% of incremental growth annually.

Blu is a combination of a highly qualified group of professionals with the state-of-the-art technology delivering result oriented services. Dr. Nilayini, being the CEO & Founder, is the prime force behind Blu Skin & Cosmetology Clinics, has got various national and international accreditations in various advanced skin and cosmetic dermatology procedures. Ethics in the medical field and implementing strict morals in business are few of the many factors that led Blu Skin & Cosmetology to achieve this success.