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AKG ceoAKG Engineering FZ-LLC

Mohammed Farooq Ismael Al-Khasaky,
Chairman & CEO – OWNER

AKG Engineering FZ LLC, has marked its presence in the construction industry. AKG Engineering takes pride that over the years, it has continuously delivered its projects on a timely basis and within the budget. With the active entrepreneurial spirit and proactive business outlook AKG Engineering remains reliable and distinct in the industry.

Through its Dubai Engineering and Healthcare Specialist Headquarter and its sister companies and the Group Affiliates and Operational Branches in Erbil& Baghdad, Iraq, provide to the various Clients, professional Turnkey Projects, architecture, engineering, construction, program management, life and mission support, base operations, Logistics, IT Communications and physical Security services to various private and public entities.


The Iraqi market is our addressed target for our services, and it is a growing potential which Allows to more opportunities.

AKG Engineering is recognized as 'A' Grade Contracting company in the industry and has made its reputation in Quality Management as certified by United Kingdom Accrediting Services (UKAS) as a certified 9001:2008 Quality Management Company and has refined its reputation through successful collaboration with highly respected and well known Multinational Partners from Europe, America and GCC Countries.

Our company consist of more than 650 employees Local and TCN's, including all Leadership, administration and technical staffs which consist of professional engineers, supervisors and skilled workers in addition to our available equipment’s Which will be ready in the jobsite whatever in need.


Dr. AL KHASAKY, A successful self-made business entrepreneur, PHD in Engineering and Project Management / Intelligent Decision. He successfully supervised, directed, and managed many of projects in Iraq as Projects Director of various Industrial & Residential projects, Project Manager for various Projects, Construction Manager for various Industrial projects, And Designer and in charge of supervision for numerous Industrial Buildings.

During More than 24 years of his successful experience he was providing feasible, strategic and Operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations.

Dynamic, results oriented leader with a strong track record of exemplary performance in a highly Competitive industry. Superior interpersonal skills, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues And motivating staff to peak performance.