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Argon Asset Management is an independent, owner-managed firm that provides investment management services to both institutional and retail clients. We boast a multi-skilled team of highly experienced investment professionals with impressive qualifications and industry reputations. We are a proudly African firm that embraces global standards as part of our commitment to excellence. We have grown assets under management organically from zero to R30 billion (end December 2015) over the past 11 years across 43 institutional clients in both domestic and global strategies. Our flagship funds have consistently delivered excellent performance compared to both our peers and their investment benchmark. We are proud of these achievements mostly because they mean we are succeeding in our ultimate goal of creating sustainable, long-term wealth for our clients.

Argon is an authorised financial services provider registered with the Financial Services Board.


Commitment to our fundamental goals has enabled us to lead industry transformation. Argon was established 11 years ago based on the vision of building a black-owned and managed investment management business that could become a greater force for good in Africa. From the onset our goal was to grow the hard-earned wealth of individuals in a sustainable, compelling and socially responsible way. It is easy to refer to these noble goals when things are going well. However, when there is a rocky patch, that is when values and principles are really tested and when it becomes clear whether your investment in your team and your values will stand the test of time. We believe that the success we have achieved to date, despite challenges and obstacles, is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to transformation, our vision and our values. Staying committed amidst industry evolution and volatility provided us with a firm foundation for building an invincible industry force.

We embrace an integrated and multi-cultural Africa

While roots are important and membership of groups give a sense of belonging, we believe our identity needs to be open to the wider world and others. We believe that through developing and optimising our local knowledge and our international relationships, we are better positioned to take advantage of these for our clients.


We have overcome challenges and grasped opportunities as a team

We have an uncompromising focus on delivering excellence for clients, putting our clients’ wealth ahead of business considerations. It has been challenging to break down traditional barriers to entry, but as a team, adversity binds us together. It is this team-based culture that has enabled Argon to make the most of the opportunities that crossed our path. Our global partnership enables us to bring world-class standards to Africa

We have an exclusive institutional Southern African partnership with a leading global investment management firm, Schroders Investment Management Limited. The partnership enables us to broaden our scope and set standards that are aligned with global success through direct and unencumbered access to global lessons, views and best practice. Through this partnership we are able to offer our domestic institutional clients global investment solutions. We also benefit from information and technology exchange and skills development. This is a direct manifestation of our payoff line – An African investment firm with global standards. About Schroders: Schroders is an independent, dedicated asset manager with a strong heritage and culture based on over 200 years’ experience of investment markets. Listed in the UK, Schroders has over £324.9 billion assets under management and an international network spanning 38 offices in 28 different countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East

We believe our accountability to our investment philosophy drives our long-term results. Each of the investment disciplines and capabilities we offer is underpinned by a consistent investment philosophy and a sustainable investment process to ensure that we deliver on our commitment to investors. Our strong track record offers our clients financial stability and performance. Multiple global and domestic industry awards serve as an endorsement of this exceptional performance among our peers. Investment performance – our flagship products have consistently delivered superior performance. The charts below show the performance of our flagship products against their benchmarks and our peers. The consistently excellent performance across our funds provides concrete evidence of our contribution to growing African investors’ money.