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Achievements Forum, 28.03.17, London, UK


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On the 28th of March Europe Business Assembly with Academic Union Oxford, International Club of Leaders (the U.K.) and the European Medical Association (Belgium) held the annual branded function - the International ‘Achievement Forum 2017’. The event provided an authoritative multicultural platform for fresh thinking on CEO`s role in companies achievements and regions development, investing to the progressive regions, territories and businesses. This forum was aimed at promoting successful innovative businesses and companies, economic development agencies, regional infrastructure and finance professionals, as well as lead regional higher institutions and healthcare services providers highlighting these 3 target audiences as the essential aspects of the modern progressive social structure. The geography of the Forum 2017 recorded 55 countries that have gathered together for new business linking and promoting themselves amongst peers.

London-2017-0121While remaining fully independent from government or political persuasion, the ‘Achievements Forum’ has grown out of a combination of international cooperation and positive commercial outcomes. Grounded in, and attracting high profile delegates from the real world of business, the function is a key driver in the development of practical commercial exchanges.


Traditionally held in the Institute of Directors in London it is the first in the row of the scheduled annual initiatives to provide Europe Business
Assembly and the Academic Union Oxford global community members with a unique opportunity to present themselves to the target audience of businessmen, investors, academia and like-minded professionals. Participants had the chance to hear from top executives, business gurus, senior state officials, University rectors, senior faculty and educational management experts from across the globe at plenary and breakout working sessions and share their ideas and experiences in a series of panel discussions, presentations and case studies.

London-2017-0265The agenda of the day conference consisted of the Business working session, Academic Open Session and Healthcare panel, providing an opportunity to speak up about sector achievements and current innovative regional and international projects. This year the Achievements Forum had a great number of Honourable Official Partners from 4 world continents - Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Prof MD H. Zehra Neşe Kavak, Chair of the Board, Academic Hospital, Turkey
Mohammad Salem Omaid, President & CEO, Azizi Bank, Afghanistan
Dr. José Alfonso Esparza Ortiz, Rector, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico
Baydaq Aljazaeri, Chairman, Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping L.L.C, UAE
Henry Jones Aboagye, CEO/Founder, Palmers Green International Limited, Ghana
Dr. Norberto Garcia, Director, UTIP - Unidade Técnica para o Investimento Privado, Angola
Sukumar Roy, CEO, CRC Textile Mills Ltd., Bangladesh
Suryakant Kakade, Chairman, Suryakant Kakade & Associates, India

London-2017-1178This year it also hosted the Academic Open Session to provide a panel discussion on modern challenges and solutions in the field of education for prominent European and leading regional Universities, educational institutions, rectors, senior faculty and educational management professionals from 45 world countries. Key-note presenters on digital transformation tendencies in learning, sustainable education for all and multiculturalism essentials in the Universities moved up the audience, provoking ideas sharing and partnership establishment.

London-2017-1520The healthcare round-table provided an open medical forum for lead healthcare institutions from 10 countries, moderated by Prof. Costigliola, Honorary President of the Academic Union Oxford (the U.K.), and President of the European Medical Association (Belgium).

The traditional Achievements – 2017 Ceremony culminated the forum. This was a celebration of most prestigious individuals and best regional companies with honourable international awards nominated by the Socrates Award Committee.

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To apply for the International Socrates Awards 2017 please click the button.


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