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Achievements Forum. 12.04.2019. London, UK

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‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’ is EBA’s promising project which purpose is identification and promotion of the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders because of their effective professional activity, contribution to the development of national economics, business, science and education, medicine and healthcare. ‘TOP-100 Register’ is the list of the BEST regional managers. Companies and organizations with leadership ambitions and strong reputation in the national market, regardless of size, production volume and level of scientific, technological and resource capacity, are always welcomed to take part in and be highlighted as a real professionals in their field of activities.

london 19 01On April 12, the ‘Achievements Forum – 2019’ was meaningfully held in the powerful financial centre of Europe – city of London, and became an authoritative multicultural platform for announcement of ‘TOP-100 Companies Register’ Winners who fulfilled Organization and Expert Council’s criteria in 4 nominations: Business and Economy; Science and Education; Medicine and Healthcare; Management of cities and territories.

The dynamic forum programme included 4 presentation sessions covered by Online Live Broadcasting and moderated by real specialists in their areas of expertise: Dr Rui Verde, PhD, Newcastle University (UK), Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa), IIM, (India), Head of Law and Economics at Academic Union, Oxford, Research Associate at the University of Oxford; Dr Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the European Medical Association, Belgium; Mr Jörgen Eriksson, Founding Partner, Bearing Consulting, France and Christina Briggs, President, Global Club of Leaders, UK; Founder of a prestigious group of senior executives, called Business Alliance; CEO ‘New World Insight’, UK.

london 19 02In addition to presentations of leading regional companies and institutions, participants were invited to listen to the newsworthy speeches from Dr Rui Verde on ‘World – 2030: scientific progress or turbulence and cataclysms?’ and EBA’s Director of International Relations Mr Ivan Savvov, who presented recently created ‘Anti-Fake Investigation Agency’ (AIA) which vision is to 12 April 2019 116 Pall Mall, London, UK Achievements Forum - 2019 ‘Promising Regions in Focus’ see the world free of disinformation and fabricated news based on anonymous or unverified sources. The agency’s resolution was signed in real time by those of present who support and believe in the need for honest, truthful and contradictory journalism and freedom of expression.

During the lunchtime, on behalf of the Editorial Board of the Socrates Almanac, one of the main EBA’s media projects, the rare English gift book - ‘World Awards in the Masterpieces of Timeless Art’ was presented to guests’ attention for the first time after its release.

london 19 03Furthermore, each forum’s participant was able to try his luck, take part in a raffle and win one copy of this exclusive edition. After the proud winner from Oman - Mr David B. Aziz, Chief Executive Officer, Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC received his prize, three additional gift lots found their owners; the set of special commemorative medals minted to coincide with the ‘World Awards in the Masterpieces of Timeless Art’ publication was among them too.

Fruitful networking, easy communication and sociable acquaintances made the daytime part and smoothly came to the traditionally gorgeous Socrates Award ceremony, Gala dinner and Reception in honour of the Register ‘TOP-100. Achievements - 2019’ winners and guests.

Magnificently decorated hall, participants’ luxury men’s suits and ladies’ evening dresses, a virtuosic musical accompaniment and permanent effervescent phrases of Master of Ceremony - Geoffrey Harris, all of this facilitated to hold the night unforgettable!

Particular gratitude we express to the Official Partners of Achievements Forum - 2019: Academy of Rock PTE LTD, Singapore, Founder – Mrs Priscila Teo, Managing Director - Ms Anjila Lim; Anagennisi SA - Physical Rehabilitation Center, Greece, President and CEO – Mrs Argyri Vagiona; Azizi Bank, Afghanistan, Chief Executive Officer - Dr Mohammad Salem Omaid and BIOPRO STEM TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine, Chief Executive Officer – Mr Dmytro Shorokh.

The worldwide companies’ successes were highly appreciated by Expert Nomination Committee.

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