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London Summit of Leaders. March - April. London, UK

Past Events


london 19 02‘TOP-100 Achievements Register’ is EBA’s promising project which purpose is identification and promotion of the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders because of their effective professional activity, contribution to the development of national economics, business, science and education, medicine and healthcare. More details...



EBA-London-2018-04-17-1344The International ‘Achievements Forum 2018. London Summit of Leaders’ was hosted by the Summit of Leaders on the 17th of April, with the support of the Academic Union, Oxford and the Global Club of Leaders, together with the 'EBA Global' Loyalty Programme. More details...



London 2017 02

On the 28th of March Europe Business Assembly with Academic Union Oxford, International Club of Leaders (the U.K.) and the European Medical Association (Belgium) held the annual branded function - the International ‘Achievement Forum 2017’More details...



London 2016 02The international event - ‘Achievements Forum - 2016: Prime Business Destinations’ was held on 22nd of March, 2016 in London, UK.
The forum saw attendees from over 40 countries with representatives from embassies, governing bodies, business enterprises and academia.  More details...





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