Achievements Forum. 12.04.2019. London, UK

About Event

London-2019 head 

Europe Business Assembly will start the year 2019 with the first in the row of scheduled annual meetings ‘Achievements Forum – 2019’. We will be glad and honoured to meet with the old acquaintances from EBA Global community, and to admit new members to the Global Club of Leaders (GCL) and Academic Union, Oxford (AUO) in the powerful financial centre of Europe – city of London.

The event is going to become an authoritative multicultural platform for fresh thinking on CEO`s role in companies achievements and regions development, investing to the progressive regions, territories and businesses.

lonThis forum will aim at successful innovative businesses and companies, economic development agencies, regional infrastructure and finance professionals, as well as lead regional higher institutions, highlighting these target audiences as the essential aspects of the modern progressive social structure.

While remaining fully independent from government or political persuasion, the ‘Achievements Forum’ has grown through a combination of international cooperation and positive commercial outcomes. Grounded in, and attracting high profile delegates from the real world of business, the function is a key driver in the development of practical commercial exchanges.

Top executives, Business gurus, Senior state Officials, as well as Educational management Experts and Academic Professionals should not miss this motivational opportunity to be present among the figures of their own height.