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PR Benefits


The prestige of becoming an EBA Award winner will:

• An article highlighting why the company won the EBA Award will be published on the EBA website news section which attracts over 30,000 visitors a month and will be featured on the summit official pages in the social network for a 400000 strong professional audience.

The ‘Socrates Almanac’ with company data, sscientific and presentation articles is accessible in the libraries of leading European universities (including Oxford University’s Bodleian library), parliaments, governments and embassies. The almanac soft version available on the editor web-site.

• Comments from the Socrates Committee Chairman about why the company won which can be used as quotes in press releases, on your website and for other marketing materials.

• The Leaders Times magazine , with your interview, presentation or news can be sent to 40000 professional subscribers including, world leading companies CEOs, city mayors, scientists and media. The Leaders Times magazine subscribers have confirmed interest to the newsletters regarding successful companies who won the awards.

• A complimentary personal consultation with a EBA PR expert to discuss how best to leverage the award for promoting your success and image.

• Exclusive professional photos and video about the EBA event participation as well as the award ceremony can be used in your press-releases, on the company web-site and for other promotional materials.



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