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International Socrates Awards



EBA oxford Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal award

International Award

'Flag of Europe'

For personal contribution
to the development of European integration

Patent (reg. #UK00003105890)


The purpose of this image project is to support investment attractive regions, cities, territories and certain regional companies that are interested in international cooperation, and communicate information about them.
As part of the programme, the marketing platform for promoting the best goods, technologies, works and services in the international market – Prime City Market – is functioning successfully.
The project draws attention of potential investors and producers of goods and services wishing to expand the geography of business, to the territories that are interested in cooperation and are ready to offer concrete projects for joint implementation, to identify the needs for specific products and services. The favorable business climate of such territories is confirmed by program experts.
Municipalities, free economic zones, relevant government structures, business representatives act as stakeholders. Companies, manufacturers and developers of goods, technologies, works and services of high quality participate in the project too.
The winners of the rating are presented with Souvenir Flag of Europe, medal and statue.


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