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Europe Business Assembly (EBA)
Statute of International Awards

 I. General Rules 

EBA International Awards:

'Best Enterprises of Europe' and 'Best Manager of the Year', registration # UK00003105713;

'International Socrates Award', registration # 2349306;

'Flag of Europe', registration # UK00003105890;

'European Quality Award', registration # UK00003108660;

'Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal', registration # 2367599

‘The Name in Science Award’, registration # 2563774

‘EBA Quality Standard’, registration # UK00003090296

‘Rose of Paracelsus’, registration # UКООООЗ184792

were established by Europe Business Assembly (Oxford, United Kingdom). The main objectives are to promote European leaders and to strengthen international economic, scientific and cultural relations as well as to promote European integration.

Personalities, politicians as well as public figures, businessmen, scientists and artists are presented with EBA International Awards for their achievements in and contributions to today’s society.

The awards are created by the prominent Englishman Alfred Winiecki in his London workshop. They are made of precious metals, covered with pure gold (999,9 standard) and encrusted with Swarowski crystals.

Legal and patent rights belong to EBA and are protected by British Law.

II. Description

International Prize


For professional achievements in commercial activities

International Prize 'Best Enterprises of Europe' and 'Best Manager of the Year' Award. The statue is made by famous London jeweller Alfred Winiecki. It is produced in the shape of a hand symbolizing hard work. Also the Director General of a nominated company is presented with the 'Best Manager of the Year' Award.

The complete set of the prize consists of statue, medal, certificate and diploma.

International Award


For intellectual development of today’s society

The medal of the 'International Socrates Award' is made of precious metals with a Socrates image in profile which is covered with pure gold (999,9 standard) and encrusted with Swarowski crystals. There is an inscription on a medallion 'Primus Inter Pares'. The medallion is attached to the medal atlas ribbon.

The complete set of the award consists of the order symbol, a statue and the diploma  'Grawerton'.

International Award


For personal contribution to the development of European integration

The medal of the 'Flag of Europe' is made of precious metals, covered with gold (999,9 standard) and inserted with Swarowski crystals.

There is an eight-pointed star at the base of the medal composition and in the centre a medallion depicting a golden European continent against a light-blue background is displayed. On its outline there is an inscription 'Flag of Europe'.

The complete set of the award consists of souvenir Flag of Europe, medal and statue.

International Award


For aspiration to achieve high quality in accordance with European standard

The medal of the 'European Quality Award' is made of precious metals. There is an light-pointed star with a round medallion at the base of the medal composition, depicting a lion as a symbol of power, nobility and grace. Around the circle of the medallion is an inscription 'Labores Pariunt Honores' — 'European Quality'.

The complete set of the award consists of a statue and the diploma 'Grawerton'.

International Award


For maintaining traditional values of virtue, bravery and integrity

The medal and pendant of the International Award after Queen Victoria are made of precious metals covered with pure gold of 999,9 standard. At the base of the medal composition there is a salient double-sided cross. In the centre of the cross there a round medallion depicting Queen Victoria’s profile on one side and Queen Victoria’s monogram on the other. Around the medallion outline — on the other side of the cross — there is an inscription 'Victory is ours'. The whole composition is hung up like a crown and decorated with 70 pieces of Swarowski crystals.

An order pendant consists of 8 medallions depicting Queen Victoria’s profile on one side and Queen Victoria’ monogram on the other.

The complete set of the award consists of a medal, a pendant, a badge and the diploma  'Grawerton'.

International Award


Nomination of candidates for the International Prize in the field of scientific researches ‘The Name in Science Award’ is given to scientific teams, scientific societies, authorities, public organisations, business structures, scientists, politicians and public figures.

A holder of the title ‘The Name in Science Award’ receives the following attributes:

•    A memorable sign on the blue ribbon ‘For contribution to world science’.  On the front side of the sign there is a bas-relief of Aristotle and an inscription ‘Glory to a Scientist’. On the reverse side there is an inscription ‘For contribution to world science’, Oxford, UK.

•  A Diploma of a holder of the title ‘The Name of Science' confirming that the nominee’s name has been recorded in the World register of outstanding scientists (in the metal case).

•  An insignia of purple colour.

International Award


For reliability of a medical institution and its admirable reputation in the opinion of the patient

Honorary Award ‘Rose of Paracelsus (Gogenheim)’ was established by European Medical Association (EMA), Belgium, with the aim of recognizing the best medical practices and practitioners. Award attributes were produced by Alfred Winiecki. The set includes Diploma 'Grawerton', Certificate with the nominee’s name and the mounted medal the ‘Rose of Paracelsus’ with the picture of the famous ancient healer Philip Gogenheim.


International Quality Mark


For suppliers of the best products, technologies and services for today’s fastest growing cities and territories

A certified British distinction for the achievement of high quality of goods and services in the field of professional interests, a kind of product quality mark showing appreciation of products by European experts. The attributes of the quality mark ‘Quality Standard’ include a commemorative medal, a license, Flag of Investment attractiveness and a ‘Quality Standard’ symbol, which is sent by email for commercial use and placement on products and packaging, for advertising and business correspondence. The right to use quality mark ‘Quality Standard’ includes presentation of quality mark ‘Quality Standard’ and a license for usage of brand and symbol ‘Quality Standard’ in commercial activity.


 III. Nominating Process

The Socrates Committee chooses the winners based on recommendations by its National Committees.

Presentations of candidates eligible for International Awards are submitted to the National Committees by the International Image Programme 'Leaders of the XXI Century'. The following documents have to be submitted:

•  Candidate’s filled-out questionnaire;

•  List of professional and / or personal achievements;

•   References / recommendations (from authorities, business circles, etc.);

•  Advertising material;

•  3 photos.

IV. Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies take place in spring and autumn each year in Oxford (UK) or other sites in various countries, to be selected by the International Image Programme 'Leaders of the XXI Century'.

Representatives of government, business, education, the arts and media are participating in the award ceremonies.

The award ceremonies take place in historical and official sites (Town Hall of Oxford, etc.).

Award winners are provided with promotion and advertising material (photos, video, etc.).

V. Wearing EBA Awards

The 'Best manager of the year' medal is worn on the chest (left side).

The 'International Socrates Award' is worn on the breast.

The 'United Europe Award' is worn on the breast ribbon.

The medal and statue of the 'European Quality Award' is exhibited in a suitable place of the prize-winner’s enterprise.

The 'Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal' is worn around the neck, a badge on the breast (left side).

VI. Delivery of Duplicates,

Storage and Delivery of Award Items

In case of loss or damage of awards. duplicates are usually not provided. However, duplicates may be delivered if the award winner was not at fault.

Duplicates of International Awards are provided by EBA on special request(s) and at the winner’s own expense.

Complete sets of International Awards are kept at EBA’s offices in Oxford.

Complete sets of International Awards may be given to museums in England and / or other countries for temporary exhibitions.

The regulations regarding delivery, duties and terms of exhibition(s) have to be determined by both parties.


Oxford, United Kingdom

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