Rose of Paracelsus Award

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Rose of Paracelsus



Rose of Paracelsus

International Award 
'Rose of Paracelsus'

the symbol of exemplary medical practice

Patent (reg. # UКООООЗ184792)


Honorary Award “Rose of Paracelsus (Gogenheim)” was established by European Medical Association (EMA), Belgium, with the aim of recognizing the best medical practices and practitioners.

Award attributes were produced by Alfred Winiecki. The set includes Diploma with the nominee’s name and the mounted medal the “Rose of Paracelsus” with the picture of the famous ancient healer Philip Gogenheim.

Who is nominated? EMA certified personalities and institutions:

  • The following organizations can take part in competitive selection: health facilities of all areas who have gained the accreditation of leading world organizations including; Community Health Accreditation Programme (CHAP), Joint Commission; Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC); HQAA; Trent accreditation Scheme; SOFIHA; as well as those who are licensed by the government in health practice.
  • Practitioners who have license documents confirming their qualification, as well as an unblemished reputation and work experience of no less than 10 years.
  • Scientists who conduct scientific research in the field of medicine, as well as teachers in medical higher education institutions.



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