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EBA oxford in the name on science award

International Award 
'The Name in Science'

in the field of scientific researches

Patent (reg. # 2563774)


General provisions

Instituted by a mutual decision of the ICL, CRE, record of proceedings No. 11.07.10, Oxford, UK.

A holder of the title ‘The Name in Science’ receives the following attributes:

  • A memorable sign on the blue ribbon ‘For contribution to world science’. On the front side of the sign there is a bass-relief of Aristotle and an inscription ‘To the glory of science’. On the reverse side there is an inscription Socrates Committee and medal number, Oxford, UK.
  • A Diploma of a holder of the title ‘The Name in Science’ confirming that the nominee’s name has been recorded in the World Register of Outstanding Scientists (in the leather case).
  • Nomination of candidates for the International Award in the field of scientific researches ‘The Name in Science’ is given to scientific teams, scientific societies, authorities, public organisations, business structures, scientists, politicians and public figures.

Evaluation criteria. The International Socrates Committee while making a decision on granting the Award ‘The Name in Science’ in the first place follows the following principles:

  • Urgency of the scientific research for civil society development, democratic basis of management; cost efficiency;
  • A personal contribution of a candidate to scientific research, his/her personal achievements in the development of national science;
  • A possibility of science research transformation for solving regional and global social, political and economic problems;
  • ratings and reviews of scientific press and the public, recommendations of profile committees, scientific societies, scientists.
  • The attributes of the Award are presented at the annual Socrates ceremonies in Oxford. If attendance is difficult, a laureate can receive the attributes of the Award by courier or mail. 



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