Public scrutiny

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3 stage - Public scrutiny


Each nominee has the right, and at the request of experts – obligation, to demonstrate publicly their leadership qualities and professional achievements. At this procedural stage, we recommend that the nominees go through the process of public protection, which provides:

  • Publication of information on the nominee’s professional achievements in one of the EBA catalogues, e-magazine The Leaders Times, Socrates Almanac;
  • Participation in expert sessions and direct consultations, which are held within each;
  • Improvement of their leadership skills during special expert sessions based on the business expert of the EBA Centre in Oxford;
  • Present their projects during EBA summits;

Members of the EBA Speakers’ Bureau: Christina Briggs (leadership programs), Heinz Wehrle (city infrastructure), Richard Bullard (communications), Rui Verde (education), Vincenzo Costigliola (medicine), other specialists in various fields may contribute to the expert work.



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