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Scientist of the Year – 2015


Best Scientist 2015The Competition aims is to present the best scientists from all over the world and to promote the latest results of their work in varying spheres of human activity. We strongly believe that hard work and achievements are worthy of reward. That is why we have developed our special Open Competitions programme. 

Scientists of all ages may participate in the Competition, including students engaged in scientific activities, graduate students, young scientists, and others without a degree.


15 Years of EBA!


It is incredible to realise that EBA has been in existence now for 15 years. Who of us would ever have imagined that, in those early days, we would have grown as strongly and as globally as we have done? Our growth, and the direction of that growth, has been completely determined by the interests of those who have participated in our events over the years.


Join the OAU


Oxford Academic Union is an international academic association registered in Oxford, UK. It was founded in 2014 on the basis of the Club of the Rectors of Europe (2000) on the initiative of the international scientific community.