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15 Years of EBA!


It is incredible to realise that EBA has been in existence now for 15 years. Who of us would ever have imagined that, in those early days, we would have grown as strongly and as globally as we have done? Our growth, and the direction of that growth, has been completely determined by the interests of those who have participated in our events over the years.

Who would have thought, for instance, that an initial conference held in 2004 specifically for university rectors would have developed into a dedicated division of EBA attracting membership from a multitude of international university leaders? Or that an early focus on health and wellness tourism would have grown into an annual event based in the Alpine regions of either Montreux in Switzerland, Stressa in Italy or the Mediterranean jewel of Malta?

56bd1447-ce72-4b53-bb4f-a1338bdc310aAlong the way we have also occupied some truly prestigious locations such as the Lividia Palace at Yalta, in the very rooms that Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill debated the future of Europe during their 1945 conference. Equally awe inspiring was an event held at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, or, on a regular annual basis, our spring conferences held in the former London palace of the Duke of Wellington, hero of the battle against Napoleon at Waterloo.

Of course, we cannot forget the city of our birth, Oxford, a city in which we have occupied many prestigious buildings, including the Town Hall, St. John’s College, and the Oxford Union debating hall.

5f23547c-4047-4cd0-a80f-df344a2e46ecFrom small beginnings we have grown into a multi dimensional organisation with specialist focuses in economic issues, education, and leadership development. Our congregation has grown from one initially drawn from within central and east European countries to one that now represents the whole world, each of our events include representatives from 40 or more countries. What, you may ask, of the future? Well, that, we assume, will follow a pattern similar to the past in that it will be dictated by our members and attendees and the nature of their particular interests. One thing is certain, however, in following our members’ interests we will also be following them to their particular parts of the world and holding events in ever more exotic locations. I am looking forward to seeing you there – wherever “there” may be!