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1 stage - Qualifying


Market research and initial identification of potential nominees is carried out by experts and research centre.

Research sources: statistical data, ranking agencies information, recommendation letters from business partners, press articles and other databases.

Research objective: to identify business activities and leadership potential of regional companies, which demonstrate positive dynamics, positive reputation, and participation in charitable and socially responsible projects.

Research criteria: nominee’s activities on national and/or international market, economic efficiency, social responsibility and other criteria.

Research results: segmented rankings of leadership potential of regional and/or international companies in the following fields:

  • Regions and city development
  • Education and science
  • Medicine

After preliminary research a list of nominees is drawn according to criteria related to a particular award, then invitations are sent for additional confirmation documents.

The list of documents needed for submission to the research centre:

  • Registration form with description of organization’s main activities
  • Company profile and/or annual report, advantages of its products or services and priority sectors
  • CEO’s CV
  • Copies of national or international diplomas, rankings, certificates and awards
  • References from business partners, clients or government bodies
  • Press articles

At the first stage of the selection procedure, as a rule, approximately 80% of companies do not pass necessary EBA criteria for either not meeting requirements or failing to provide documents (see registration form, sample of references attached).



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