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Socrates Gala Ceremony, 18.12.2018, Oxford, UK

About Event

Oxford-2018-12-18-0785Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (UK), Academic Union, Oxford and Global Club of Leaders on the 18th December 2018 the major international forum, Summit of Leaders - 2018, was held at the one of its kind venue of the Oxford Town Hall. The Summit traditionally sums up the year for the ‘EBA Global’ elite business and academic community, by bringing together leading regional, national and globalized players from 48 countries.

Oxford Summit of Leaders as a traditional grandscale gathering of members and partners of Europe Business Assembly and the Academic Union has been held since 2000. For years it proves to be a source of inspiration, learning and transformation for those who are looking to build better businesses and a better society, to share innovative ideas, workable business strategies, sum up the academic activities of the passing year and celebrate the success of regional leading educational institutions.

This year the Summit was supported by important official partners included MONSPACE Multinational Corporation, Malaysia; Al Jazeerah Engineers & Consultants, Saudi Arabia; Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD, Bulgaria; Gaudium IVF & Women Health PVT. LTD., Albania and Motheo TVET College, South Africa.

Oxford-2018-12-18-1715Participants had an opportunity to present themselves to the target audience of corporate leaders on the one hand, and academics and research scientists on the other. Summit provided the speakers, academics and business executives with two discussion sections for fruitful dialogue on the subject of the educational sphere’s improvement and methods of profitable entrepreneurship.

Plenary section started with welcome addresses from Prof. John Netting, Director General of Europe Business Assembly, UK; keynote speakers Mrs Christina Briggs, Global Club of Leaders President, CEO of ‘New World Insight’ Ltd, UK, and Mr Sergei A. Gutnikov, GMD, DPhil (Oxon), Expert in academia and grants, Oxford Progress, and Official Summit General Partner - Dato’ Sri Dr. Jessy Lai, Group CEO of MONSPACE Multinational Corporation from Malaysia.

Oxford-2018-12-18-0114Further, in the framework of Presentation and Academic sections, nearly 50 companies and educational institutions shared their achievements by making multiple presentations, whilst distant participants were presented by express exhibitions of their advertising materials, scientific works and professional equipment.

In the Summit’s context the holding of the ‘Oxford Debate’ was also welcomed. Such special discussion platform was particularly proposed for experts, ‘heavyweights’ and regional leaders of the educational services market. How do you see the University of Future?, Continuing Learning & Lifelong learning, The main person in university student or professor?, Is online education the future? and many other breakout topics were tackled in sufficient depth by Professors, Chancellors and Principals from Greece, China, Portugal, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc.

This whole heavy programme of the Summit’s daytime session, as well as the Magnificent Socrates Award Ceremony, was broadcasted on the official EBA Oxford youtube channel, so the event has become more open and borderless.

Oxford-2018-12-18-2399In addition, ‘Grand Rector’s parade’, a significant part of the Night Gala Ceremony, certainly amazed all guests. Academic Union Members, Honourable Professors and Rectors of High Educational Institutions from all around the world made a red carpet walk in their Academic dresses and completely presented their uniqueness and diversity.

Oxford Summit of Leaders-2018 has become a great pre-Christmas occasion to discuss topics of interest regarding modern educational systems, innovations in the science sphere and strategic visions of modern business growth. The end of the year is not an end to the development. So with renewed vigour we are looking to the year coming!

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