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Socrates Gala Ceremony, December, Oxford, UK

Past Events



Oxford-2018-12-18-0785Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (UK), Academic Union, Oxford and Global Club of Leaders on the 18th December 2018 the major international forum, Summit of Leaders - 2018, was held at the one of its kind venue of the Oxford Town Hall. More details...



Oxford 2017 03

The Summit of Leaders traditionally sums up the year for the ‘EBA Global’ elite business and academic community. Held in Oxford on 19 December the Summit gathered together leading regional, national and globalized players from 40 countries. This year the Summit was supported by the Academic Union Oxford, the Global Club of Leaders and the Academic Union Oxford Expert Centre More details...



Oxford 2016 01Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (UK) on the 20th December 2016 the major international forum, Summit of Leaders 2016, was held at the one of its kind venue of the Oxford Town Hall. The Summit of Leaders as a traditional grand-scale gathering of members and partners of Europe Business Assembly and the Academic Union Oxford has been held since 2000 and has been attended by more than 6500 delegates from 56 countries. More details...



Oxford 2015 03Through the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (EBA Oxford, United Kingdom) on 15th December 2015 a major international event took place in South-East Britain - 'The Oxford Summit of Leaders: Prime Business Destinations.’ Held at Oxford Town Hall, the Oxford Summit of Leaders is an interactive platform for international cooperation. More details...


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