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CempakaAzeri construction company

Mammadli Rovshan, President

AZERI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY was established in 1998 and is one of the leading companies engaged in construction of a new high-rise building.

The main activities: the construction of multistoried houses, repair and reconstruction of offices, administrative offices, apartments, development architectural and individual projects using computer technologies. In addition to work in Azerbaijan, Azeri Construction is building housing complex in other countries, particularly in Georgia and Russia.


1) Member of the Russian and International society for soil mechanics, geotechnics and foundation engineering;

2) Member of the Russian association for antiseismic construction;

3) Member of the academy, the International academy of ecology and natural utilization V.S.Altunina.;

4) Member of the International association of synthetics;

5) Member of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan;

6) PhD in engineering.