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Eduspec Holdings BerhadINTEK sp. z o.o.

Dr.Eng. Janusz Stefan Stefański, Chairman

INTEK Ltd. has been present on Polish, European and international market since August 2003.

The company was born on ashes of another company- POM. It happened when POM was forced to cease its activity due to financial problems which couldn’t be overcome. Janusz Stefański, the current owner and CEO of INTEK Ltd. at that time was working for another company which was closely cooperating with POM. Many contracts had been already signed and they couldn’t be changed or reassigned. In this situation not much could be done. As a person in charge of contracts signed with POM Janusz Stefanski was about to make a life-changing decision. Neither purchase of a failing company nor creation of a new one were possible options for his former employer. After long conversations and negotiations his boss, another shareholder and Janusz Stefanski decided to found a new company that would take POM over along with its employees and all remaining assets. INTEK Ltd. was born. Since 2003 Janusz Stefanski has been creating and developing a new team that makes the company grow every day. A ten-year action plan was created back in 2003. It has been entirely accomplished! The owner and his staff worked hard on their development and their identity as a part of the company as they believe that “self-improvement leads to success”.

POM was poorly equipped with tools and machinery. Its structure and technical facilities needed to be adjusted to new requirements. The company had no ISO certification. Yet, there was something that was worth a lot- employees’ know-how, their skills and competencies. This was what INTEK Ltd. had at the beginning of its journey. Subsequently all the necessary makeovers were made. The company was renovated, new tools and machines were purchased. Also new customers needed to be found. At that moment INTEK Ltd. was manufacturing mainly metal parts and carrying out simple assemblies of devices based on outsourced documentation. It was developing employees’ foreign language skills and gaining first job-relevant certifications. The company’s structure was adjusted to the current production process. New production spaces were created and the existing ones were renovated. New products were introduced as new customers started to appear. Those new products were technologically more advanced and that was just the beginning. New departments were created: steering unit, mechanical design unit, electrical design unit. First turnkey contracts were signed. According to the feedback from the customers, INTEK Ltd. entirely fulfilled their expectations. This positive evaluation encouraged the staff to improve their actions and made them realize that a company understood as a team - is the real power. The positive feedback from the customers is the best reward any company can achieve. Gained experience has been confirmed by large number of certifications. Currently the company keeps building its own infrastructure. 300 highly qualified staff and the hi-technology of metal work also let INTEK Ltd. manufacture the final products of high level of transformation.