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Dato’ Dr. Eng Wei Chun, Managing Director

Orando Holdings Sdn Bhd (Orando Holdings), a sparkling rising star in Malaysian real estate arena, establishes our reputation as a developer who “builds homes with heart” by more than merely fulfilling the essential requirements of modern housing properties namely quality, appreciation potential and elegance, but by building into our services an additional element which is crucial: affordability.

Professionalism leads to a quality. This uncompromising belief has been the guideline for Orando Holdings towards developing projects with exceptional attributes. From project planning to execution, from marketing to facilities management, highly committed and enthusiastic professionals has been attracted to Orando Holdings by our unique and farsighted ideology. Keeping in heart home-buyers’ interest as the top priority, our professional teams ensure details of all aspects are perfectly cared for, and industrial standards adherence being part of the daily operating procedure.

Building comfort into the homes is another indication of Orando Holdings’ customer-centered philosophy. The extraordinary tall ceiling of Orando Holdings’ properties is the most obvious attribute, coupled with excess windows which bring in amble sunlight, effectively alleviating he sense of pressure asserted by the walls. Splendid examples of Orando holdings’ sensible design for comfort including the Sky Pool at Sky Vista, where residents could appreciate the breathtaking sunset and night view of Kuala Lumpur City while immersing themselves in the refreshing coolness, a classic urban dwelling experience marked by taste and style.

To ensure highest level of privacy as well as security, the two major concerns of metropolitan living, Orando Holdings employs a 3-tier security system. It consists of regular patrolling, CCTV monitoring and residents-authorized visitor access, which successfully offers the residents a peaceful mind. “The sense of being protected is the basis of Happiness” has always been the motto of our management team.

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