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“Azpetrol Ltd.” LLC“Azpetrol Ltd.” LLC

Rahimov Huseynaga, CEO

Principal activity of Azpetrol Ltd. LLC, which entered into the economic sphere of Azerbaijan began with the opening of its first filling station on July 15, 1997 in Baku, is the retail and wholesale of fuel through petrol and gas stations network.

At present the Company operates 75 petrol stations (PS) and 5 gas stations (GS) furnished with the latest and up-to-date equipment by covering most economic regions of Azerbaijan.

Azpetrol offers to its clients the petrol marked as AI 92, AI 95 and AI 98, as well as diesel and liquid gas fuel (propane-butane).

In order to increase the quality of the fuel and ensure the continual supply of the stations with fuel, Azpetrol put into operation its modern Fuel Depot in 1999 which meets the contemporary standards. The Fuel Depot is equipped with electronics produced in leading countries of Europe, fire fighting, safety and fuel quality control systems.

For the purpose of continuous and timely delivery of the fuel to PS and GS, the Company put into operation its Fleet of tanker trucks in 1999. 100 specialized tanker trucks of the Fleet provided under international standards are ready to leave at any time. Also, it is especially important to note that Azpetrol is one of the largest employers in Azerbaijan. Hence, at present the Company has more than 2900 employees.

Since the moment of its establishment, Azpetrol has set a principal goal to ensure such features like high quality, honesty and customer satisfaction. The Company has established as its priority to provide employment of the people in the regions at the expense of opening of new workplaces. The principal requirement put on our employees not depending on their positions and authorities, is to make a strict discipline, mutual trust and insistence, continual improvement of professional experience and skills and customer satisfaction be a motto of daily work. We are not the only one, but make every effort to be the best.

Apart from business activity, Azpetrol demonstrates loyalty to charitable traditions of our country. The Company, considering it its duty to care about education, culture and sport and render assistance to strengthening of their material and technical basis, attends a special attention to preservation and development of literary and cultural inheritance of Azerbaijan.

Over the years Azpetrol established a close relationship with Azerbaijan Boxing, Gymnastics, Chess Federations and sponsored different international tournaments. Since 2006 Azpetrol and European Field Hockey Federation entered into the joint co-operation for the first time and will present our country as a sponsor-partner in all events held under the aegis of the EHF till 2015.