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Andualem Admassie Abate, CEO

Ethio Telecom ranked as the second biggest operator in Africa and 38th in the world, according to the 2015 GSMA intelligence quarterly report. Internationally awarded for its quality and service, it is gaining 2.5 million new customers every month and last year’s profits topped $1 billion.

Company mission and values

As a continuation of the last five-year plan and after concentrating its efforts on education, health and agriculture, the Ethiopian government has decided to focus on the improvement of telecommunication services, considering them as a key lever in the development of Ethiopia.

Ethio telecom is born from this ambition of supporting the steady growth of our country. We wish to implement state-of-the-art processes, to develop reliable network infrastructures and to provide the best quality of services to our Customers. This is our mission; this is what drives all our actions.

To ensure that ethio telecom runs parallel with top telecom operators, the Ethiopian government has reached an agreement with France Telecom, one of the world’s leader telecommunication companies. This agreement will help ethio telecom to improve its management capability through the transfer of world-renowned know-hows and skills.

While meeting international standards, we remain faithful to our values:

• We commit to understand, meet and exceed the telecommunications needs and expectations of our country at large and of customers in particular

• We respect our customers and recognize that their revenues allow ethio telecom to operate

• We recognize that the company employees are the most valuable asset and want to create an efficient corporate management environment that allows them to develop and grow

• We will commit to high-level job performance, customer service quality, organizational excellence and continuous improvement in all areas

• We will stay motivated and encouraged to meet all the challenges that we will face

• We will make every effort to achieve a superior financial return

• We uphold ethical standards, being honest in all assignments

• We will hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders