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JKP Gradske Pijace BeogradJKP Gradske Pijace Beograd

Ivan Sočo, General Manager

Public Utility Company "City markets“ manages 31 market places, has 165,000 m2 of market area, including 28,000 m2 of commercial business premises, 8,000 stalls and 820 cooling display cases.

The previous year, 2015, represents a turning point in the business operations of this company. From the moment of arrival of the new management in late 2014, a consolidation of operations has been conducted, the company has slashed costs, net profit in the amount of €1,554,000.00 has been achieved, which is, as a result, 146 times greater than the profit obtained by the previous management, and even 512 times higher than the annual profit prior to previous management. This way, the foundations have been laid, guidance provided, support to turn the markets into the food-selling centres highly competitive in a very aggressive commercial environment has been obtained. As it has been forseen in the business plan, by the end of this year small-scale investments will be made through reorganization and reformation at as many as 21 markets, which in any case implies significant improvement of operations, and the total reconstruction has been planned for four central city markets. One of the indicators of responsible company management are prestigious recognitions received for the business achievements in 2015: a gold plaquette TOP SERBIAN BRANDS 2015 in the category of corporate brand - public services, and a certificate "Excellent SME", granted by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.