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S.C. Compania de Apa Oltenia S.A.

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JKP Gradske Pijace BeogradS.C. Compania de Apa Oltenia S.A.

Constantin Mitrita, General Manager

Oltenia Water Company provides services for water supply and sewerage system for the approx. 500.000 users, has fair pricing, profitability, quality and service efficiency, transparency and public accountability, including consultation with employers, unions, users and the associations representing them. It is adaptable to the requirements of users, provides equal accessibility to users from the public service on a contract basis, compliance with the special regulations in the field of water management, environmental protection and public health.

Oltenia Water Company was established as the regional operator in Dolj county on 26.04.2007, by regionalising the water and sewerage operators into the company.

The main object of the Regional operator is the management of water resources, abstraction, treatment and distribution of water, collecting and treating wastewater.

The company is managed by the General meeting of shareholders and of the Board of Directors. As stated in the articles of incorporation, the Board of Directors establishes, in accordance with the legal provisions, the accounting system, financial control and financial planning approval. The Regional Water Company With its organisational structure approved by the decision of the Board of Directors.

The company has 1200 employees, with a streamlined management structure, composed of 4 directors