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Bogdan Padiu, Group CEO

Teamnet is a leading system integrator in Romania and a growing player in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The Group constantly invests in technologies such as robotics, geographic information systems, cloud and supervisory control and data acquisition solutions, aiming to generate a sustainable long-term evolution of the society. With 15 years of activity, Teamnet has experienced an accelerated development in almost every aspect of its business. The Group has begun the regional expansion in 2010, relying on its strong expertise in software and consulting, willing to help public and private organizations increase their competitiveness in CEE and MENA regions. Currently, Teamnet has offices in 6 countries (Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Moldova and Belgium). The Group gathers 800 experts with thousands of team certifications, changing the society through technology.

Together with International Finance Corporation – World Bank Group Member - and Black Sea Trade & Development Bank, Teamnet’s strategic and financial partners, the Group plans to enhance the growth potential in Romania and in the region.

Teamnet is recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in its field, being present for the 8th consecutive year in the Deloitte regional rankings.