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Catoca Mining Company Ltd.


Catoca Mining Company Ltd.Catoca Mining Company Ltd.

Eng. Sergei Amelin, General Director

The Mining Society of Catoca, is a private limited company, incorporated in 1993 with four major shareholders (-32.8% Endiama, Alrosa - 32.8%; LEV Leviev - 18.4%; ODEBRECHT - 16.4%), with a mission, a vision and values perfectly defined. Its only customer is one of the largest shareholders: Endiama.

In the case of a mining company is regulated under the Mining Code defined in Angola. Heavily influenced by the workers' union of the actions of the metals and with great social responsibility in the community where it operates.

The technology of the plants is considered the latest technology and production levels are set by the shareholders at the beginning of each year. The entire production planning is accomplished to meet these goals. To this end, it is of prime importance to mining and exploration geology.

Economically, the production of the Catoca directly influences the national economy of Angola. Contributed to the increase in gross domestic product, the largest diamond producer in Angola (about 75-80%).

Socially, the Catoca has the most important role in the communities where it operates and in the capital of Lunda Sul province (Saurimo), and implements various social responsibility initiatives for the benefit of all its stakeholders. The programs range from the improvement of social facilities of villages, sports development, provision of meals, teachers, health services and compliant material support needs.

To celebrate its 20 years of existence, the Catoca issued a book "20 years investing in people" featuring this context.