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Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD

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Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EADDundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD

Iliya Garkov, PhD, General Manager

Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD is a mining and processing company operating the underground copper-gold-pyrite mine in the village of Chelopech, located some 70 km away from the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. The Company produces mineral concentrates.

Following mine acquisition in 2003 Dundee developed the operation as one of the most innovative and modern underground mines where workers’ health and safety excel. Operations were fully upgraded to allow production staff to work on the latest generation equipment. Significant resources were invested in training and personnel development. Environmental protection, alongside all strategic investments, lead to improvement of mine immediate surroundings. Consistent and focused community investments contributed to local development of a region where mining has been a traditional livelihood for over a century.