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Prvi Partizan A.D.Prvi Partizan A.D.

Dobrosav Andric, General Manager


The history of the company founded at the beginning of 20th century represents real professional success. The factory started with work on May 1 1928 in facilities located in the "Stevan Nemanja" military barracks in Krcagovo. The authorities of Uzice decided to give the land for the building of a new factory. In 1935 started the foundation of the first factory of this kind in the Balkans. The official name of the factory was "Factory of Arms and Ammunition in Uzice" (F.O.M.U). At the beginning of World War II, Uzice was the only town in Yugoslavia, and possibly in Europe, in which an arms factory was working under occupation. It had a very important role in equipping units of the National Liberation Army. After the war, on September 5th 1947, the factory in Uzice was renamed "Prvi Partizan" and it became a state owned company with general social importance.

Production program

After the World War II, workers decided to commit to some civil products, mainly to agricultural equipment, which was necessary for the factory to survive. The base of PPU production program, which next to other departments has got two production factories, the one for ammunition and another for tools and machines, consists of:

• Small arms, sports and hunting ammunition

• Subcaliber artillery ammunition

• Machines and tools for ammunition production

Among other programs, the most interesting is the program for production of medical equipment, especially operating tables with proper equipment and tooling for pharmaceutical industry.

Export orientation

Business concept includes not only customers, but forming a partnership as well, which means that we wish to stand together. PPU takes care of its customers and tends to extend the cooperation scope year after year. The result of this business policy implies 68 countries to which goods are exported. Over 97% of products from ammunition program are exported on markets worldwide, mainly in USA, then Western Europe, South America, Australia. The quality, which is the most important factor for customers, is achieved in PPU by applying quality systems at all production stages. It's achieved by recognizing customers' needs, construction, supply of raw materials, production, maintaining quality level to expiration date of products. Customers' satisfaction and partnership serve to verify that we are heading in the right direction.

Plans for the future

Within PPU activities, along with current production of 100% full capacities, the main goal is to fulfill certain investment and development projects. The idea is to improve business with modern equipment and costs reduction, to make the work environment safer, ecologically healthier and to raise the ammunition quality to a higher level. For that reason, few years ago the big project, very important for this factory was started. The future production is realized according to ’’production capacities modernization’’ project, which refers to modernization of infrastructure and production equipment. Our concept implies that the ammunition components, case and bullet, should be produced at current location in Krcagovo. This part of project was already finished. Ammunition assembly, as part of production which uses explosive materials, should be moved out of the city. The new 3.500 square hall covers the factory for bullet production. The 6.000 square factory for production of machines and tools was reconstructed. The adaptation of 10.500 squares for hall for case production was realized, and it’s the part of the project finished during 2014. The concept of factory in the future will provide the same quantity of ammunition produced, but in two shifts instead of three. It will be bigger with new types of machines, and the product quality will be raised to a higher level. Speaking of the future, what’s highly important are people who educate themselves so as to improve their work skills and participate in development of the factory.

PPU is also working on new products development, according to its customer’s requests, and the most interesting are the following: new calibers and types of bullets within military and commercial ammunition program, ammunition with marked bullets, lead-free and heavy-metal-free ammunition which tends to satisfy ecological demands. PPU is also planning to introduce and develop Integrated Management System, as well as Unique Information System. Generally speaking, the factory tends to be working on further development of reached position in global market for commercial ammunition, with intense cooperation with its customers, permanently raising the quality of its products and meeting customers' needs.