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General Directorate of IETT's Establishments

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iett CeoGeneral Directorate of IETT's Establishments,
Public corporation

Hakan Erol YARDIM, Chief,
Business Development and Foreign Affairs

IETT started to carry out its activities back in 1869 upon foundation of Dersaadet Tram Corporation and construction of Tunnel Facilities, and has gained its current identity under the name of Directorate General of Istanbul Electricity Tram and Tunnel Establishments (IETT). Reporting to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Directorate General of IETT is an organization with a public legal entity which is governed in accordance with the special statutory provisions. Offering only public transport service across urban areas of Istanbul today, our Organization is responsible for running the bus, metrobus, nostalgic tram and tunnel management business, as well as scheduling and supervision of privately owned public transportation vehicles. Our Organization determines the need for public transportation across the urban areas covered by the service network, by assessing the current and future status of the city with respect to settlement and deployment, and prepares transport plans accordingly. Our job description also covers ensuring implementation of such plans as integrated with any other public transport vehicles, and to manage efficiently any and all public transportation vehicles covered by the scope of service. We keep carrying out our activities through three administrative buildings, including Metrohan Head Office, 15 garages and three workshops.

As IETT, we provide operation and control of more than 6000 buses and we have more than 13.000 bus stop.


Hamdi Alper KOLUKISA

He was born in Zile district of Tokat province, in 1979. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Atatürk University in 2002. Having passed the exam of Turkish Armed Forces, he later graduated from the Turkish Military Academy with the rank of lieutenant in 2004. Currently, he is a student at Anadolu University International Trade and Logistics Management bachelor's degree program.

He worked as a lieutenant, first lieutenant and captain in the Gendarmerie General Command. After working as a member of Muğla Governorate Provincial Traffic Commission for 5 years, he became the head of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and worked between the years of 2014-2019.

He is also the member of Transportation Commission at the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, and is the head of the UKOME (Transportation Coordination Centre) and Legislative Commission at the Union of Municipalities of Turkey.

He has a Transportation Senior Executive Certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure upon passing the relevant exam.

He is married with two children. He speaks English